Wittenberg Coaches Still Kicking

Some hoped for better walk up song as country music played over the radio. Who could complain though, as the weather was perfect and the stands were completely empty.

August 2, 2017 marked the first annual Wittenberg Athletics Kickball Challenge. This year pitted the coaches and administrators against each other in a good old fashioned game of kickball. The game was underway as women’s volleyball coach Paco Labrador rolled the first pitch.

Wittenberg White came out strong in the first three innings, with scores from Hubbell, Robinson, Wojciechowski (Wojo), and Labrador. Numerous players in the line-up had strong singles however it was Croci who came out with a leg in the second with a double to push Wojo to third, who would later score on a single by Rittenhouse. The inning ended and their slump began as Rittenhouse dove trying to get back to first on a caught fly ball. The out was called as the dust cleared away.

It was in the fourth inning that Wittenberg White began to make some errors. Wittenberg Red loaded the bases three and after a couple sacrifice flies, they were on top. Scoring in the fourth were Everts, Florence, Jenkins, and Matthews. St. Pierre and Wahle add two more runs in the top of the fifth as the game begins to get sealed.

White tries to make a comeback in the fifth and sixth, as Wojo scores his second along with Croci coming home. The sixth ended short however, as Robinson grounded into a fielder’s choice, with McGee tagged out between second and third. Hilliard got himself into a pickle and was eventually tagged out between third and home. Red had another rally in the top of the sixth, as the bases were loaded once again and Everts, Wahle, Florence, Jenkins and Matthews all rounded the bases and came home. The inning almost was cut short, as Everts dove safely back into third on a caught fly ball from the foot of Duggan.

Seventh inning didn't stretch long as it remained scoreless. Both teams pitched one-two-three innings. Coaches were ready to call it quits as the sweat beaded on their skin. After the game, the coaches lined up and shook hands, showing good sportsmanship despite the results.


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Most Valuable Kicker: Nathan Wahle

Voted MVK by the spectators, Wahle had an exceptional afternoon, with two scores along with several singles. Wahle was later interviewed after the game; see what he had to say by clicking the video to the left.


Most Valuable Pitcher: Craig Penney

Voted MVP by the spectators, Penney held the Wittenberg White to only six runs total. With him on the mound, Red's defense was unstoppable. The defense as a whole later commented, "Red, Red."


Player of the Game: Cory Everts

Voted Player of the Game by the spectators, Everts was an all around marksman. His speed was unbeatable as he rounded the bases to also score twice. He was light enough on his feet to jump back to bases on time to beat the outs. He even was dedicated enough to hop a fence in the fifth to retrieve a foul ball.

Catch of the Game: Nate Wilson 

Voted Catch of the Game by the spectators, here we see Wilson making a remarkable grab for the last out of the inning. Good to know with a reach that big that Coach Johnston has your back!